About Identity Novels

I started the Identity Novels collection because I wanted to contribute to good material out there for kids to read. When my son was young (he just graduated from college), I remember searching for those good books. We read some great stories; but after moving past The Berenstain Bears, Clifford, and Sesame Street, and eating through The Magic Tree House books, then the Harry Potter series, and some classics and Newbery winners, a time came when we were out of books. Much of the remaining material didn’t seem to hit a realistic chord, and many of the ‘boy books’ about sports and scoring the winning touchdown or hitting the home run didn’t resonate with him.


Ultimately, we were looking for books about real kids with believable problems who were trying to become themselves in a world telling them to be something else. And when I look at my own work, I understand that I’m writing that same type of book. The characters in Identity Novels aren’t popular, they’re not beautiful, and they don’t have an entourage of friends who follow them around. They’re regular kids who refuse to be victims. They’re not sad sufferers. They’re fearless, though they might be afraid. They’re willing to be strong, even when they feel weak. They’re heroic in spirit and determination. And they’re trying to determine who they are--trying to follow their own path and the dreams that make them supremely unique.


I wanted Identity Novels to provide an interesting reading experience for kids. To provide a collection of stories with real, relatable, genuine characters who face the same types of issues all kids face. I hope you find these stories worth your time!



Identity Novels

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