Review Comments for The Power of Two

      What People Are Saying About The Power of Two 

 Midwest Book Award Finalist: “This book confirms my interest in encouraging adults to include children’s fiction on their personal reading selections. This book exposes readers to a higher literary level.” Midwest  Book Award judge


Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention: The Power of Two is an absolutely stunning book with an excellent

plot and beautiful message. It’s a story of family, friendship, love, loss, courage, hope and strength. The portrayal of characters is unique and refreshing, and the issues of bullying and death have been handled with a lot of compassion and expertise and will evoke heartfelt emotions in readers. It is a powerfully moving story that is a recommended read for all children. The roller coaster ride of emotions will leave readers excited and exhilarated. It is a fast paced, poignant story, and it is a must-read.” Readers' Favorite Award Judge


Kindle Book Review:I have reviewed a lot of books. So, when I say that The Power of Two is the best book that I have reviewed so far, this statement should not to be taken lightly. This is a great book. The characters were authentically flawed, and the interactions between middle school girls rang true. I absolutely loved this book and would recommend it to anyone. I could go on and on about the great qualities of this book, but suffice it to say that this book earned every one of my five stars.” Lisa Runge, Kindle Book Reviewer 

Night Owl Top Pick Review: “This is a touching and inspiring story. There are many kids who can relate to being shunned or bullied by the popular kids in school. However, it only takes one Pru to make others believe that they should stand up for themselves and those that can’t. Jamie describes Pru as the smallest girl in sixth grade. But the author depicts Pru as a very strong person regardless of her size, and she makes such a big impact in Jamie’s life.” Trina C., Night Owl Book Reviewer